Do you suspect your partner of cheating?

We have highly trained and motivated cheating partner detectives in Scotland to help prove Infidelity in your partnership. Our Matrimonial investigation detectives based in Scotland treat every case with the strictest confidence. If you suspect your partner is cheating on you, whether you are married or not, then contact us today and we will help solve this issue. We at Private Eye Scotland are specialists in dealing and catching a cheating partner, so you are in safe hands with our service.


Cheating partner?
Suspicious of a cheating partner?
Cheating Spouse?

Private Eye Scotland are specialists in dealing with a cheating partner.



Matrimonial investigation is one of the fastest growth areas for business. More and more people who suspect their partners of infidelity are instructing us. In a 2006 survey by Grant Thornton of 100 divorce lawyers, it was found that 49% of the cases had used private investigators. That was an increase of 18% on the previous year and more women where using detectives than men.



The survey also revealed that 32% of the cases they involved adultery. Surprisingly the number of spouses trying to hide assets had reduced from 16% in 2005 to10% in 2006. We have the experience and the tools to find out the truth for you. If in doubt get in contact with us.

• Video • Photographic • Surveillance • Covert cameras • Trackers



If you wish to consider employing our services, please don’t be nervous, we are here to help, and in the long run make sure that before you make any accusations that you are 100% accurate. Don’t say anything until you are 100% sure, the implications of being wrong are immeasurable and extremely negative, mentally, emotionally and financially.




So before you do or say anything to anyone call us and let us help you to rationalize your situation, so we can assess your circumstances to see if you need to employ our services.
If you do employ our services we can help gather hard facts and evidence that will give you a serious advantage over your cheating partner and save you potentially a great deal of time stress and money.


For more information please don't hesitate to call us.



It's time to be suspicious when your spouse or partner has 4 or more changes to their normal habits listed below!

  • 1 Has a new interest in exercising and losing weight.
  • 2 Buys you gifts without a reason.
  • 3 Tells you the boss wants him or her to work a lot of overtime on a "special project".
  • 4 Suddenly is very guarded over his or her mobile phone, puts a pin lock code on the phone or deletes all the text messages and call logs.
  • 5 Expresses little interest in sex.
  • 6 Expresses more interest in sex.
  • 7 Expresses new interest in sexual techniques.
  • 8 Begins to dress differently.
  • 9 Hides new fragrances or lingerie.
  • 10 Begins taking longer or new business trips.
  • 11 Has a new circle of friends.
  • 12 Begins to leave work early.
  • 13 Shows less interest in family matters.
  • 14 Makes several unexplained credit card purchases.
  • 15 Begins talking about wanting more "space from you".
  • 16 Is caught not wearing a wedding ring.
  • 17 Has excessive unexplained milage on the car.
  • 18 Spends a lot longer time on the computer.
  • 19 Comes home with suspicious stains on their clothing.
  • 20 Expresses a sudden and unexplained surge of energy.
  • 21 Is nearly always late.

  • 22 Is overly protective of their briefcase bag purse computer.
  • 23 Expresses a new interest in eating different dishes.

  • 24 Begins to buy new clothes and pays extra attention to their grooming.
  • 25 Arrives home from work smelling of a different soap and fresh shower.