GPS Trackers for hire or purchase

GPS CAR OR VEHICLE TRACKING SYSTEMS SCOTLAND which covers Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dundee, Inverness and Perth. GPS Car or Vehicle Tracking is when you attach a magnetic GPS device (hidden from plain view and about the size of a cigarette packet) and monitor the car's location via THE INTERNET, A GPS or GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM car tracker will help you in determining exactly where your spouse or at least his or her car is located.

You will be supplied with a web address you log into and enter a user name and password and you will be able to watch exactly where the car has been where it is travelling to and the cars locations and travel history and you may zoom in or out of the map and the mapping is very clear at street level a google earth view may also be selected (BATTERY TYPICALLY LASTS A WEEK).

If you prefer we offer a monitoring and reporting service for you for an extra fee.

In addition these trackers when possible and depending upon your circumstances and access to the keys for your partners car can be installed within 3-5 seconds under the driving seat instead of under the car, if this is possible for you, we give you the trackers telephone number (gsm sim enabled) so that you can discreetly ring the tracker and listen in to whats being said in the car.

This is an amazing piece of equipment and being able to not only track the car but be able to listen to any conversations he or she is having in the vehicle weather he or she is on the phone or is speaking to a passenger is extremely effective in finding out what is REALLY going on. And no, you do not need to be technically savvy to operate any of the GPS devices to catch you cheating husband or wife. It's a simple process which involves attaching the tiny magnetic GPS tracker to their car. A GPS car tracking unit will help you know the truth, if your husband or wife is lying to you. A cheating spouse will most likely take a day off from work, and not tell you, then head off to meet the person they are cheating on you with. This is where a GPS car tracker, is very useful.

How would GPS car tracking help me with my cheating spouse?

The most important thing to remember is to avoid infidelity, you need to know the truth. With some men or women, all it takes is a simple conversation, setting of boundaries, and respecting each others needs or desires. Other people just cannot help it and will lie to you, some studies show that there is an innate need for men and some cannot control their physical urges. GPS car tracking help get you out of the dark, what you do about it when you know he or she is lying to you is all up to you, but of course if you really love your spouse you will do everything you can to save your relationship/marriage.

Confrontation is ALWAYS better than remaining idle and waiting for your cheating spouse to correct themselves, they may even be brainwashed by the other person to leave you. Remaining idle will not do anything good for you, when you decide to confront him you will more than likely end up having better self esteem.

Confronting a cheating spouse after you know that he or she has been lying about their whereabouts may just save your relationship/marriage, or give you an advantage in court if you plan on going with this option. We recommend GPS car-tracking to help put your mind at rest and finally know the truth about what is really happening when he or she is away from the house.

Please note that trackers will require a surveillance operative in order to make them fully effective in catching a cheating partner.

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