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Private Eye Scotland sell a selection of covert spy devices, from spy cameras to listening products.

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Spy Cameras and Listening Devices

Clockwatcher Covert Digital Video & Audio Recorder £299.99
A miniature digital clock containing a hidden spy camera which records video and audio. You may choose to record continuous video with audio OR set it to record only when motion is detected in front of the camera lens. There is also an audio only setting for when video is not required. All recordings are timestamped with the date and time of recording. The clockwatcher has a built in rechargeable battery which lasts for about 12 hours of spying. When the battery that powers the spy gear runs down, a separate battery continues to power the clock. All of these features are controlled and set up using the remote control supplied. TrackerShack supply a clear set of useage instructions, and a 2GB micro SD card which will hold just over an hour of video with audio OR twelve hours of just audio. If you require longer memory it will accept larger capacity SD cards up to 32GB in size, although 16GB is more than sufficient to make the most of the available battery life. For playback you can connect the clock camera to your PC or laptop using the USB cable supplied or you can remove the memory card and play back recordings via a card reader. The recorded footage plays back in Windows Media Player or Real Player. Clockwatcher dimensions: 110mm x 60mm x 35 mm (approx). Battery 2200mah Charge time 4 hours Resolution 640 x 480 (VGA) Frames per second = 25 Clock colours may vary.

Radio Alarm Clock Camera and Recorder £254.99
This is the utimate covert spy camera system: a 480TVL high resolution camera - and good quality mic for recording audio too - built into a standard radio alarm clock. You may set the camera to record manually (start recording via remote control), OR on detection of movement, OR at a specified time. It records onto an SD card. A 2GB SD card is supplied, but if you wish to expand its memory capacity you may fit an SD card up to a massive 32GB in size. Recordings are time & date stamped and may be played back directly through your TV or by using an SD card reader on your PC or laptop using KMPlayer software (free to download). Very easy to setup via the on-screen menus (connect to your TV for initial setup) using the remote control supplied. The fact that this radio alarm clock is powered from the nearest mains socket means that this system can run 24/7 and still remain completely covert - no need to mess about changing or recharging batteries. You may set the system to stop recording when your SD card is full or to loop and record over the oldest recorded footage. The product is a fully functional radio alarm clock and even has a built in projector so that the digital time display can be seen on your ceiling or wall in dark conditions.

Tissue Box Video Camera and Recorder with Audio £360.00
The Tissue Box Camera & DVR has everything you'll need for covert recording : hidden 480TVL Sony CCD camera with wide angle lens, built in long life battery, three different recording modes, video & audio, SD card slot (a 2GB SD card is included but it will accept up to 32GB max) and remote control! The Tissue Box Camera & DVR unit allows you to set three different recording modes; Motion Detection, Scheduled or Continuous recording (use the remote control to start an immediate record if you are nearby). All recorded video footage is time & date stamped and the unit may be connected to your TV for viewing the recorded footage - connection leads are supplied. Alternatively you can simply remove the SD card from the unit and use a card reader to playback the video footage on your PC or laptop using KMPlayer software (free to download). The Tissue Box Camera & DVR does not have the usual "hole with a camera looking through" setup but actually uses a standard board lens looking through the product casing. The casing works a bit like a heavily tinted window in that the lens can see through perfectly but the lens itself could only be seen through intense scrutiny of the tissue box from very close up. It is powered by a built in rechargeable 12v long life battery capable of powering the unit for 2-3 days off a single full charge. This means there are no conspicuous wires trailing from the unit thus keeping it totally covert. Additional specifications: Min. Illumination - 0.1 lux Microphone Built In Recording File Format - MPEG4-SP ASF Files Recording Resolution - 320x240(25fps) or 640x480(12fps) Dimensions - 140x75x27 (mm) Supplied with two Packs of tissues for authenticity, TV connection leads (phono video & audio), remote control, 12v UK mains charger, full instructions.

Covert Body Worn Camera & Recorder £279.99
This body worn camera kit has so many features, trying to explain each one in detail could take a whole book but we will try to map out the basics - even just the basics make this by far the best body worn surveillance kit we have ever tested! The kit uses a high resolution CCD button camera giving a crisp, colour image of 420TVL. The button camera draws it's power from the recorders' built in rechargeable battery. Not only will the kit offer high quality video but it has an excellent mic as well, the mic comes off the camera on a 4" cable meaning that it is easy to situate to pick up the audio that you are looking to capture. The recorder can capture images in high quality VGA (640x480), has password protection, auto switch on and record at certain times of day, has a time & date stamp on all recorded footage, allows recycling if you run out of storage space (on/off selectable), will offer vibrate alerts, sounds alerts or can be completely silent. There is still more.....you can operate the kit from a small keychain remote control so you don't even have to take the recorder out of your pocket - the remote control has four buttons allowing you to switch the recorder on & off aswell as to start & stop recordings! The recorder has a very small amount of memory built in but also has a micro SD card slot (16G max) to increase recording time. The kit is supplied with an external 12v rechargeable battery that can be directly connected to the recorder so you could use other 12v cameras with the kit aswell. On top of this the recorder also has an AV output & a USB output so you can connect & playback recorded data on your TV or PC/laptop. When recording, the LCD screen on the recorder will show you how long you have been recording aswell as give an estimate of recording time remaining - if your recording time is about to run out it will automatically save that file for you so you don't lose it if the recording space runs out without you realising.

Micro USB Spy Camera and Recorder £199.99
At the touch of a button the Micro USB Spy Camera and Recorder will record what it sees and hears onto its 2GB memory card (included) at the push of a button.You may then play the recordings back by plugging the device straight into the USB port of your PC using the concealed USB connector - this also recharges the battery. This is a super CMOS colour camera and it is manufactured to a high standard using quality materials. It is fitted with a clip so that it may be pocket mounted if required. Charge Time 2 hours Dimensions 97 x 25 x 12 (mm) Weight Approx. 32g Operating Temp. 0C~50C
 Spy Pen with built in Video & Audio Recorder £229.99
A high resolution (640 X 480) Video & Camera pen with audio, ideal for secret recordings, monitoring and emergency video recordings. This is a stylish real useable ball point pen, a hidden video camera with sound, a still camera, 4GB storage capacity which may also be used as a memory stick for storing documents. Recordings may be made discretely whilst the pen is situated in a top pocket, being held or placed in a pen tidy and so on. The tiny hidden lens is located just above the pen's pocket clip. The camera has simple push button operation - the button is disguised right at the top of the pen. Video and photo modes can changed at the flick of a switch. You plug the pen directly into your computer's USB port to transfer videos and files, and to charge it. Real Pen with secret video and sound recording Sensitive Microphone function Standard USB 2.0 Records in High Resolution 640 x 480 AVI Video Format Plug & Play - no drivers required.

GSM Bug with External Mic (includes SIM) £199.49
This sleek black unit is a GSM bug, delivering good audio quality - use it to listen in to conversation in your room or car. This version has an external microphone and internal battery pack, so you can hide the bug away and just have the tip of the microphone pointing out into the area you wish to listen to. The internal battery pack makes it a neater, easier to deploy device. To use the bug function, dial in to the tracker from anywhere in the world and listen in to what is going on around it. The microphone is very powerful and will pick up conversations and background noises. The microphone is mounted on one metre of cable to enable optimum positioning. The GSM Bug runs on 3 AA size batteries. These will power the unit on standby for about two weeks, with average use you should get a week out of a set of batteries. The case measures approximately 13 x 6.5 x 3 cm. For UK customers a SIM card is included.
TSX Dial Up Bug £159.99
Designed by TrackerShack and hand built for us in the UK. Hide the TSX away in any normal sized room and then call it up from anywhere in the world to listen in to what is going on in that room. The audio quality is excellent. For UK customers, the TSX is supplied complete with a SIM card, so all you need to do when you receive it is add batteries and you're ready to go. We are often asked why the TSX is not supplied in a plastic casing - here are a few of the reasons: it saves you money a box does not enhance performance a box makes the bug bigger and harder to hide. These are despatched as standard with AA size battery holders and a fixed microphone. However, if you have different requirements you may use the options below to choose an external microphone or smaller AAA battery holder. The pictures opposite show different versions, click on any picture to enlarge. The battery life with three AA size batteries is 2 weeks standby or 24 hours of listening. Three AAA will last for about half as long. Please note that battery life times are intended as a guide only - many factors affect battery life: signal strength, type of batteries, amount of time spent listening in. The dimensions of the circuit board are approximately 5.3cm x 4.2cm x 1.7cm without antenna & battery pack. This is quad band so it will work anywhere in the world. Note that the antenna does NOT have to be visible for this item to work.

UK Double Adapter Plug GSM Bug (inc. SIM) £199.99
The Double Adapter Plug GSM Bug is a very cleverly disguised listening device that may be plugged into any standard UK socket to enable you listen to room conversations and surrounding sounds with exceptional quality. This is a fully functional double adapter and unlike inferior models may be used as a normal two way plug adapter too! Simply dial the number of the SIM card inside the Adapter Plug GSM Bug (SIM card is included) at any time, wherever you are in the world and it will automatically and silently connect, you will then be able to listen in to sounds up to 10 metres away from the adapter. Sound is filtered and free of interference for perfect audio clarity. The bug is powered entirely by mains electricity. The GSM Infinity Adapter is a super high quality surveillance product that offers long term audio monitoring in an area of concern without arousing suspicion.

Digital Spy Recorder (with Spy Microphone) £160.00
Leave this small Digital Spy Recorder in a room or vehicle, and when you retrieve it you will have a record of everything that was said in a crystal clear recording that you can play back on the unit itself. It comes complete with a one metre long spy microphone which enables you to hide the unit well out of sight. The Spy Recorder is powered by two AAA batteries which will power it in average use for about a week. The Spy Recorder will hold a staggering 34 hours of digital recording in high quality recording mode - we recommend using high quality mode as the recording quality is then very good indeed. Remember, because it only records when it hears a sound, you will capture only true recordings, so the recording capacity and battery life are not wasted by long silences. Use of the Spy Microphone (included) is optional. Both the Spy Mic and the internal mic give high quality recordings. Full, easy to follow step by step set up instructions included. Recordings can be easily transferred to your PC using the cable supplied - no extra software is required, the recordings play back using Windows media player. Measures just 10 x 3.5 x 1.5 cm (approx.)

GSM Bug Wall Clock Modern Style (inc. SIM) £119.99
This modern style wall clock may be hung on a wall in a room of your choice. You can then dial the number of the GSM bug built into the rear of the clock - the call will connect silently after two rings and you will be able to hear whats going on in the room...from anywhere in the world! The sound quality is truly excellent. Battery life on standby is two weeks, this will be shortened depending on how long and how often you dial in. Be aware that if anyone removes the clock from the wall, the bug can be seen. Clock styles may vary from the one shown. Supplied complete with SIM card.
 GSM Bug Wall Clock Modern Style (inc. SIM) £179.99
This modern style wall clock may be hung on a wall in a room of your choice. You can then dial the number of the GSM bug built into the rear of the clock - the call will connect silently after two rings and you will be able to hear whats going on in the room...from anywhere in the world! The sound quality is truly excellent. Battery life on standby is two weeks, this will be shortened depending on how long and how often you dial in. Be aware that if anyone removes the clock from the wall, the bug can be seen. Clock styles may vary from the one shown. Supplied complete with SIM card.

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